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Affordable Hospitality Solutions

The Panasonic KX-TDA Hybrid IP PBX comes with an exciting array of business
intelligent features specifically designed to help the Hospitality
businesses where extensions correspond to guest rooms. This includes
businesses such as Bed-n-Breakfast, Motel, Hotel, Long Term Elderly Care
Centers (Nursing homes), Medical Clinics as well as some Hospitals.

With the KX-TDA Hospitality Solution – business receptionists can easy
Check-in/Check-out guests using system telephones, generate detailed
call record printout at guest check-out time, as well as setup remote
wake-up or reminder alarms for guests. In addition, when integrated with
the Panasonic KX-TVM voice mail messaging systems, the KX-TDA PBX
allows for private voice mail for every guest room, automatic voice
mailbox cleanup on guest checkout, as well as timed reminder/alarm that
guests could easily setup from their own room phone using simple Voice